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If you own a CANADIAN BRED HORSE see our Breeder link! If your breeder has been Breeder Elite Nominated you are eligible to enter our Futurity and Derby Sweepstakes!! 

If you own a horse sired by a Canadian stallion, check out our stallion list. If your sire is nominated, you are eligible to enter our Futurity Derby Sweepstakes.

Welcome to The Breeders Elite Incentive!

This Incentive is offering an elite opportunity to Canadian Barrel Horse Breeders.  It will help boost our
industry to a prestigious level of horsepower by increasing our offspring earnings and recognizing Canada’s
true breeders. Canada is the home of hundreds of amazing breeding programs and we do not want anyone to
miss out on the quality we have growing in our pastures. 2021 was the 1st year for The Breeders Elite
Incentive and what a successful breakout year it was!  This spectacular Breeders Incentive showcased
Canadian Bred horses that had the opportunity to run for huge payouts. We would like to take a moment to
thank you, our breeders, for believing in the vision of the BEI and for jumping on board with us.  It was
because of you that we were able to have a guaranteed $120,000 sweepstakes payout.  A $60,000 Futurity,
$24,000 Derby, and $36,000 Breeder purse before entries. Our total sweepstakes payout in 2021 was
$152,240.00!! Paid out on one run.  It is our mission to continue to see steady growth in our event from year to

The Incentive

The Breeder’s Elite Incentive (BEI) accommodates for many different avenues of benefits for all who wish to be involved. This Incentive nominates the BREEDER on registration papers so that ALL their offspring are eligible for our annual Sweepstakes with no foal nomination fees. A breeder is not required to own a stallion.  This incentive allows for ANY horse, (past/present/future) raised by a nominated breeder OR sired by a nominated stallion to be eligible to compete in the Futurity and Derby Sweepstakes and the BEI Open. 

To be eligible to nominate into this incentive you must be a ‘breeder’ on registration papers and pay the yearly nomination fee of $1500. This will entitle ALL past/present/future breeders offspring eligibility to compete at the yearly race for HUGE payouts. 

If a breeder wishes to nominate more than one stallion, there is a $500 fee required per additional stallion.  A farm must be the owner of all their nominated stallions. The incentive to nominate all your farm stallions is for off farm sweepstakes eligibility. Mare owners who do not pay in as a breeder, and wish to breed their mares for eligible offspring, must breed to a nominated stallion.  



  1. A breeder nomination entitles the paid in farm “breeder’s eligibility”.  This means, along with ALL nominated stallion offspring, ANY past, present, or future horses the farm is the “Breeder” of (on registration papers) are eligible to run in the annual Sweepstakes race with ANY current owner. 

  2. ALL offspring of a nominated breeder stallion are eligible to compete regardless of the breeder on the papers, the stallion must be BEI nominated. 

  3. A breeder nomination also entitles the named farm nominated stallion to be eligible to compete themselves in any Futurity, Derby Sweepstakes if of age, even if farm is not the “breeder” of named stallion. This is the Stallion the farm is promoting and enrolling into the program, we want them eligible to run for huge payouts in Canada!

  4. There is no nomination fee for any offspring.  To be eligible the breeder and/or stallion must remain enrolled in the Breeders Elite Incentive.  When your horse is of age you simply pay the BEI Open entry fee or Futurity/Derby Sweepstakes entry fee to compete.

  5. Only horses with a nominated breeder on registration papers or a horse sired by a nominated stallion, as well as the nominated stallion himself can compete in the Futurity, Derby Sweepstakes as well as the BEI Open sidepot.

  6. Only BEI eligible horses are permitted to enter Futurity and Derby sweepstakes, any horse can enter the open race.  Only BEI eligible horses can enter the BEI open side pot. 

  7. Sweepstakes will have both a Futurity and Derby and all breeder nominations collected will be paid out yearly. The payout format will be as follows: 50% Futurity, 20% Derby, and 30% to the breeder and/or stallion owner. 

Estimated Sweepstakes Payout 

The Breeders Elite will continue to have a nomination cap but will also allow conservative growth to the
Incentive to not leave the waitlist stagnant for years. There is no cap on nominated stallions; the nominator
must be a BEI Breeder. We built this program with a foundation to allow for growth that the industry can
support. We are striving to see our entries increase each year to develop higher purses for both the
competitors as well as the breeders!

There is a 20% Promotional/Administration fee on all nominations, additional stallion enrolments and entry fees. In lieu of foal nomination fees, 30% of Sweepstakes entry fees are designated towards total breeder Sweepstakes payout. All breeder nomination monies raised each year are to be paid out same year, no carryover! 

2022 Futurity Sweepstakes Champion Robyn Hoover

2022 Derby Sweepstakes Champion Jalaine Henry

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