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Mission Statement

The goal of this incentive is to highlight great breeders and stallions. In Canada, we have many top performance barrel horse breeders and we want to reward them for the investment that they put into producing these high-quality horses. The intention of this incentive is to promote and add value Canadian barrel horse breeders, stallions, mares, trainers, and increase the overall value of ALL Canadian barrel horse breeder’s offspring. With higher earning offspring, our breeders along with their stallions will hit new heights of acknowledgment and get the recognition they deserve. We want a show in Canada that allows ALL our Canadian breeders offspring to be eligible for HUGE payouts. Our aim is to provide International coverage, and promotion of Canadian breeders and stallions, while supporting Canadian small businesses.  

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Contact Us


Christine Drisner (780) 995-9602

Colin Balan (780) 812-5295

MJ Garritty (Office) (780) 221-6194

Helen Nowosad (254) 964-6050


The Breeder’s Elite

23681 18 St NW
Edmonton, AB 
T5Y 6B6

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