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General Rules & Regulations

1. A breeder nomination entitles the paid in farm “breeder’s eligibility”. This means, along

with ALL nominated stallion offspring, ANY past or present horses the farm is the

“Breeder” of (on registration papers) are eligible to run in the annual Sweepstakes race with

ANY current owner.


2. ALL offspring of nominated breeder stallions are eligible to compete regardless of the

breeder on the papers, the stallion must be nominated in the program.


3. A breeder nomination also entitles the named farm nominated stallion to be eligible to

compete themselves in any Futurity or Derby Sweepstakes or open event if of age, even if

farm is not the “breeder” of named stallion. This is the Stallion the farm is promoting and

paying into the program, we want them eligible to run for huge payouts in Canada!


            4. There is no nomination fee for any offspring, in lieu of foal nomination fees, 30% of Sweepstakes entry fees are designated towards total breeder sweepstakes payout. To be eligible the breeder/stallion must remain enrolled in the BEI. When your horse is of age you simply pay the Futurity/DerbySweepstakes entry fee to compete. Any offspring purchased with a nominated breeder on

registration papers or sired by nominated stallion as well as the nominated stallion himself

can compete in the Sweepstakes and Open BEI sidepot.


5. The Breeders Elite Incentive will be growing the program annually as administration agrees to be best for the industry.

6. Only BEI eligible horses are permitted to enter the Futurity or Derby, any horse can enter the

open race. Only BEI eligible horses are permitted to enter BEI Open sidepot.


7. Sweepstakes will have both a Futurity and Derby and all breeder nominations collected will

be paid out yearly. The payout format will be as follows: 50% Futurity, 20% Derby, and

30% to the breeder and/or stallion owner.


8. Breeders/stallions must be nominated yearly for offspring to be eligible to run that year.


9. Breeders are required to pay annually to hold their spot in program promotional activities,

even if breeder has no offspring of age to run in the current nomination year.


10. Breeders annual nomination for mare owners with or without one stallion $1500+ GST ($1575)


11. Additional Stallion(s) annual nomination - $500+ GST/stallion ($525)


12. If any breeder chooses to not re-nominate yearly but wishes to re-nominate in a non-

consecutive year, the returning year fee will be $2500+ GST ($2625) They will be accepted if

program has room, otherwise they will be put on the waiting list.


13. All "New Breeders" must pay $2500 + GST ($2625) first year nomination fee pending room in the program.  This applies to all breeders coming off the waitlist.


14. Breeders annual nomination for mare owners with or without one stallion - $1,575

Additional Stallion(s) annual nomination - $525/stallion ($250 Late fee applied after May 15)


15.  $250 Late Fee will apply to all stallion nominations submitted after May 15th annually.

16.  Payee For “breeder sweepstakes cheque”:The breeder of winning horse is paid first. If the breeder is not BEI nominated then the breeder’s cheque goes to BEI nominated stallion owner of the winning horse. If a BEI nominated stallion himself competes in the Futurity or Derby Sweepstakes and places, the nominating farm will be paid the “breeder” cheque **only if the breeder and sire of the competing nominated stallion are not BEI nominated.**

17. It is up to the breeders to stay true to their clients when selling horses. For the clients to be

eligible for the Futurity/Derby Sweepstakes or the BEI open side pot, the breeders/stallions

must continue to pay into the program to keep offspring eligible to compete when offspring

is of age.


18.  If a nominated breeder dies, a person must continue annual nominations and fees for deceased breeder in order to keep offspring eligibility.  If deceased breeder's offspring win, any breeder money awarded will be paid to the nominee paying 'nominated breeder' fees.

           19.  If a stallion is sold inside Canada, we encourage the new owner(s) to re-enrol their new stallion under their own breeder name for the one time offer of $1500 + GST ($1575) of the purchasing year.  If the new owner does not re-enroll the stallion, the stallion’s offspring will lose eligibility to participate in our program.  The new owner adopts past offspring of the stallion and will be awarded the stallion owner payout* from winning offspring as of the date the stallion was renominated.   Note:  This will increase the value of your stallion depending on how many foals he has coming up without a nominated breeder on registration papers.

 If the purchaser is not currently enrolled in the program as a breeder, they may join the program immediately (without going on waitlist) as long as the stallion purchased remains as one of the nominated stallions for a minimum of 3 consecutive years under new breeder. If the new breeder does not commit to re-enrolling the stallion for three consecutive years, the breeder  will be blacklisted.

 If the purchaser does not wish to keep the stallion in the program, but would like to join as a new breeder, they will be placed on the bottom of the waitlist and will be contacted when space becomes available.


20. If a BEI Stallion is sold and is to stand outside of Canada; the breeder selling the stallion must continue to nominate in program as a breeder and nominate said stallion in order for its offspring to remain eligible to compete in BEI events. The year sold will be documented and any “new offspring” born after stallion is sold will not be eligible even if breeder continues to nominate stallion. * Foals conceived before sale of nominated stallion will be last year of eligible offspring. If breeder chooses to not nominate stallion annually he will lose eligibility to be re-nominated any year thereafter and all offspring will lose eligibility. 


21. This incentive is for Canadian breeders only, the stallion does not have to reside in

Canada, but it is a requirement that frozen semen be available in Canada.


22.  If a nominated stallion dies or becomes infertile, he must be still be renominated annually to keep offspring eligibility. The office must be notified, a veterinary certificate confirming death or sterilization is required, and date will be recorded. 


23. To keep “breeder’s incentive” on other breeder’s offspring not by deceased stallion, breeder

must continue nominating the farm into the program.


24. At time of nomination, all nominees must email digital copy of Farm and/or Stallion

advertisement poster. Poster must have breeder’s contact information listed upon it.


Breeder/farm digital banners welcome. MUST BE LEGIBLE


25. At time of nomination, breeder website and/or social media page links encouraged.


26. Only BEI eligible horses can enter Futurity/Derby Sweepstakes OR BEI Open side pot.


27. BEI eligible horses are either sired by nominated stallion, bred by nominated breeder on

registration papers or are a nominated stallion themselves.


28. Futurity horse is aged 5 years old or younger, and is their first year of competition in the

event of barrel racing. Any other event of competition is allowed before barrel racing

futurity year. Futurity horse can only compete one year in barrel futurities. Futurity year

starts November 15th of 3 or 4 year old year.


29. Derby Horse is aged 7 years old or younger, and can have a maximum of 3 derby

competition years.


30. Age categories for sidepots are as follows: Peewees under 12, Youth under 16, Adult are

aged 17-50, Senior 50+, as of date of race.


31. Breeder’s Elite Incentive (BEI) reserves the right to refuse any farm/stallion nomination.


32. All disputes arising out of the application or interpretation of any rules or conditions of the

BEI program shall be decided by the BEI.


33. BEI reserves the right to alter the conditions of all or part of the incentive program in its sole

discretion. BEI may cancel the program at anytime and refund money for farm/stallion

nominations, excluding interest, GST, and 20% of nomination fees, if it deems participation

is insufficient to justify the program.


34. Any payment not made will result in the breeder and all their nominated stallions being non-

eligible that year and required a $2500+GST re-nomination fee. No refunds.


35. A current listing of all eligible breeders/stallions that are named and paid in full will be listed

on our website,


36. Breeder names and information will be listed on our website,, and used

in social media networks.


37. Event details, breeder nomination and entry information/forms will be listed on our website,


38. All nominees & contestants agree for the BEI to share pictures, results and breeder information in order to promote the BEI.


39. All nomination/enrolment fees and money pay-outs will be in Canadian Funds.


40. Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 5% is added to all nomination fees.


41. If this race is postponed due to any restrictions out of our control and can not be rescheduled within the same year, we will have a two-day Futurity & Derby Sweepstakes race paying out in the following year. Nominations will not be refunded.


42. Any reissuing of cheques that a person has lost will result in a $25.00 per cheque fee to

cover stop payments charges.


43.E-transfers and cheques are accepted as a form of payment. (e-transfer password:



44. Blacklisted means you cannot participate in any BEI or BERI events until fines are paid in full

45. We honor other association blacklisted lists.


46. There is to be a 20% Promotional/Administration fee on all nominations, additional stallion

enrolments and entry fees. Nomination monies raised will be paid out each year.

   47.A BREEDER is the name on offspring registration papers. BREEDER name and NOMINATED          BREEDER name must match in order of offspring to be eligible to enter BEI current year. If BREEDER name on registration papers does not match NOMINATED BREEDER NAME new nomination for breeder is required. ONLY TWO exceptions to this rule is:

  1.) We will allow ONE additional breeder name, by office approval; A single breeder name that is one of the same people in a two name breeder nomination. OR

  2.) If NOMINATED BREEDER name is a farm name, second breeder name will be allowed, upon office approval, ONLY IF the second breeder name is associated as the Nominated breeder FARM name, Association will be determined at the discretion of the office.

This must be stated at time of nomination.

Breeder cheque’s will be ONLY be issued to the nominated breeder name. 

48.I hereby WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS which I may have, now or in the future, against the “BEI” and the “BEI employees/volunteers” and release the “BEI” and the “BEI employees/volunteers” from ALL LIABILITY for injury, death, property damage or any other loss sustained by me as a result of participation in this “equine activity” DUE TO ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER including, without limitation, negligence on the part of the “BEI” and the “BEI employees/volunteers”.  I further AGREE TO INDEMNIFY the “BEI” and the “BEI employees/volunteers” for any and all legal fees (on a solicitor and his own client basis) or losses or costs which may be incurred in defending any lawsuit or claim I may bring against them.

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